Pabka Print



  • Cover page : 350 gsm Matt/Gloss
  • Inner pages : 170 gsm Matt / Gloss
  • Standard Binding : Saddle Stitch







Pabka strives to maintain competitive pricing throughout the year. Prices vary according to factors such as quantity, material, size, accessories, and delivery method.

• Stapled booklets are created by stapling the folded pages together with two or more staples, resulting in a sleek finish. Stapled booklet printing is advantageous for businesses that wish to promote and describe a variety of products and services, particularly when launching new promotions.

• Bound booklets are adhered with durable materials for a clean, professional appearance. This booklet printing option goes the extra mile to provide customers with informative content that looks great. This way, you’ll create booklets that they’ll be unable to discard; they’ll be ideal for storing and retrieving from a bookshelf.

• Loop stitched brochures are the best option for convenient story telling; they feature two sturdy looped wires that work well with your binders. The variety of paper types enables you to create visually appealing brochures that can be easily stored and accessed at any time.

• Hardcover books are an eye-catching way to display your portfolio or to describe your business’s culture and accomplishments. Personalize your printed book by including your best work or nostalgic images that will help both old and new employees remember how far you’ve all come.

Turnaround times for booklets depends on various factors; depending on the details of the booklet and the delivery type chosen, this can range from one day to few days. However, it usually takes no more than 3- 5 days to complete.

You want clarity, so don’t rely on standard titles like “introduction,” “background,” and technical terms. Making the list bold and using descriptive titles that will direct the reader to the right information and help them find what they need in a pinch is a good alternative. The goal is to educate and guide the reader on a journey, allowing them to quickly learn how your services will meet their needs. However, just because you believe it is important to discuss more technical aspects of your business or the creation of a product does not mean it has to be confusing or difficult to imagine. Finally, any good story elicits a response, so make sure yours ends with a phone number, email address, or other simple action the reader can take, implying they can turn their interest into action.