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Extraordinary envelopes that make an eloquent opening statement.


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Choose the perfect size to match your correspondence.


DL Envelopes

  • Duplicate and triplicate copies
  • Optional sequential numbering
  • Regular and carbonless paper options
A4 Envelopes

A4 Envelopes

  • High-quality paper stock
  • 9”x12” size securely fit
  • Optional flap adhesive
A3 Envelopes

A3 Envelopes

  • High-quality paper stock
  • Ideal for larger documents
  • Optional flap adhesive

Shop by Paper

A range of paper stock for your envelopes.

Standard Envelopes

Standard Envelopes

  • Smooth 100 gsm white paper
  • Ideal for office correspondence
  • Excellent finish for writability

Premium Envelopes

  • High-quality 120 gsm paper
  • Slightly thicker for a premium feel
  • Optional range of special finishes

Luxury Envelopes

  • Assortment of textured papers
  • Bespoke luxury finishes
  • Elevate your brand to next level

Add a striking element with our extraordinary finishes.

From standard to square and circle to triangle, find the best shape to suit you.


Gold Foil Envelope

  • Gilded finish that exudes luxury
  • Assortment of textured papers
  • Accentuate your branding

Silver Foil Envelope

  • Slick, shiny, metallic finish
  • Assortment of textured papers
  • Make design elements shine

Embossed Envelope

  • Understated, luxurious tactile finish
  • Thick paper stock for a rich feel
  • A bold opening statement




Quantity Price
50 PCS AED 90/-
100 PCS AED 120/-
200 PCS AED 185/-
300 PCS AED 240/-
400 PCS AED 300/-
500 PCS AED 365/-
600 PCS AED 420/-
700 PCS AED 480/-
800 PCS AED 545/-
900 PCS AED 595/-
1000 PCS AED 655/-
2000 PCS AED 1185/-


Envelope A4 Size


Quantity Price
50 PCS AED 100/-
100 PCS AED 140/-
200 PCS AED 215/-
300 PCS AED 280/-
400 PCS AED 350/-
500 PCS AED 425/-
600 PCS AED 490/-
700 PCS AED 565/-
800 PCS AED 635/-
900 PCS AED 700/-
1000 PCS AED 775/-
2000 PCS AED 1420/-


envelope a5


Quantity Price
50 PCS AED 125/-
100 PCS AED 165/-
200 PCS AED 240/-
300 PCS AED 320/-
400 PCS AED 395/-
500 PCS AED 470/-
600 PCS AED 550/-
700 PCS AED 625/-
800 PCS AED 705/-
900 PCS AED 780/-
1000 PCS AED 855/-
2000 PCS AED 1620/-



Size: 16″ X 12″ ( A3)
Right Side Window


Size: 14″ X 10″ (Super A4)
Size: 15″ X 10″ (Super A4)


Size: 13″ X 9″ (A4)
Size: Size: 12″ X 10″ (A4)


Size: 13″ X 9″ (A4)
Left Side Window


Size: 13″ X 9″ (A4)
Right Side Window


Size: 13″ X 9″ (A4)
Top Side Opening


Size: 10″ X 7″ (A5)
Right Side Window


Size: 6.5″ X 9″ (C5)
Right Side Window


Size: 6.5″ X 9″ (C5)
Top Side Opening


Size: 6.5″ X 9″ (C5)
Top Side Window


Size: 9″ X 4″ (DL)
Top Side Window


Size: 9″ X 4″ (DL)
Top Side Window


Size: 9″ X 4″ (DL)
Top Side Window


Size: 7.8″ X 5.8″
Greeting Cards Envelopes

Customize your Envelope

From beginners to pro designers, we have got options for you to create the best custom-printed envelopes.

Use our design templates

  • Select a ready template.
  • Do simple customisations such as fonts, colour.
  • Save, print and order.

Start with a blank template

  • Use a blank canvas to design.
  • Customise every detail.
  • Save, print and order.

Upload your own Artwork

  • Read our artwork guidelines here.
  • Upload your print artwork.
  • Finalise order for print.

Why our envelopes?

Flexiprint ensures your vision is realised on paper so you can bring your brand to life with your envelopes.

Easy to create and customise

Designing your envelopes online for your brand is simple, with easy and guided steps for selecting customisation options, choosing templates, or editing online.


Collaborate with our designers

You can collaborate with our expert designers to customise your envelopes. In addition to super-catchy, modern designs, we make sure your envelopes are print-perfect every single time.


Connect with our customer support

Our helpful customer support team is always ready to guide you and take your prints to the next level.

FAQs - Envelopes

We currently offer DL, A3 and A4 Envelope printing (9×12 Inch). However, if you require a different size for Envelope printing, please contact us.

For standard custom printed Envelopes, we use 100 gsm Superfine uncoated paper, and Munken 120 gsm for the premium Envelope printing.

All our Envelopes are available with only single-sided printing. If you require printing on both sides, please email us at with your requirement.

It usually takes us about 4 working days for production, and additional 2-3 business days for shipping and delivery (depending on your location). If you require it sooner, please select the express timeline option and your order will be printed on priority (at an additional charge).